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Behavioral Neuroscience Core

The Behavioral Neuroscience Core provides consultation and assistance to investigators regarding psychological, neuropsychological, and psychiatric components of research studies involving pediatric subjects. The Core is highly experienced in implementing multisite protocols.  When investigators are considering work with the Neurobehavioral Core, it is helpful to provide a copy of the protocol prior to submission, so that our Core can determine our ability to conduct testing and procedures that are called for, as well as to give estimates as to the costs for each study evaluation. Depending on tests needed, the investigator may be responsible for the purchase of test kits, test record forms, and scoring software.

How to access the Behavioral Neuroscience Core

Services and Tests:

  • Consultation and assistance in the design of protocols involving psychological and neuropsychological measures
  • Implementation of research protocols
  • Data review and assistance with interpretation of test measures
  • Perform tests:
    Infant and Early Childhood Development
    Adaptive Functioning
    Intellectual Ability/IQ
    Academic Achievement
    Executive Functioning
    Language Functioning
    Learning and Memory
    Visuoperceptual and Visuoconstructional Functions
    Motor and Sensory Functions


Jerilynn Radcliffe, PhD
CTRC Neurobehavioral Core Director
Radcliffe [at]

Nina Thomas, PhD
thomasn [at]