Clinical and Translational
Research Center

How to Access the Dietary Assessment Unit

  • All studies require IRB and CTRC approval before CTRC services can be provided.

*To utilize CTRC resources, please contact the appropriate CTRC Core Director for a startup meeting prior to scheduling research subjects.

  • Please contact Debra Cahn, Vivian Brake, or Erin Donaldson prior to subject admission (contact information below) to schedule subject visits/encounters.
  • Contact unit for a discussion on nutrition assessment software needed.
  • CTRC dietitians will work with study team members to determine the best approaches for gathering the necessary research data for a particular study.
  • Specific registration and scheduling details will be discussed during the start-up meeting.
  • Please contact John Krall, Administrative Director - x42215, for cost of core services.
  • Research subjects must be registered in eTRACK; please go to the Clinical Trial Financial Management intranet site for instructions. To log into eTRACK, use your Active Directory username and password. Click here for eTRACK Instructions.


Nutrition Core Director:
Babette Zemel, PhD
zemel [at]

Lead Clinical Nutritionist:
Vivian Brake, MS, RD, LDN
brake [at]

Lead Clinical Nutritionist:
Debra Cahn, RD, LDN
cahn [at]

Research Technician:
Erin Donaldson, B.S.
donaldson [at]

Updated December 2016