Clinical and Translational
Research Center

Research Nursing Core

CHOP Specific Procedures for CTRC Research Nursing Core (RNC)

The Clinical and Translational Research Center (CTRC) is staffed by experienced, qualified research nurses for inpatient and outpatient activities. The nurses, medical assistants and lab techs support a wide variety of research protocols. CHOP CTRC Nursing support is available at two outpatient locations at Main and 3550 Market Street, the CTRC Inpatient Unit on 5 West, and other CHOP inpatient units as necessary.

  • All studies require IRB and CTRC approval before CTRC services can be provided.

Collaborative information about the CHOP and PENN Research Nursing core can be found on ITMAT

How to access the Nursing Core


The CTRCs offer a variety of services, including:

  • Phlebotomy
  • Intensive Pharmokinetics
  • Tests requiring frequent blood draws: Oral or IV glucose tolerance tests, Mixed meal tolerance tests
  • Experimental drug monitoring and management
  • Patient assessment and monitoring
  • Study implementation
  • Assistance with protocol start-up
  • Teaching
  • Laboratory processing
  • Laboratory shipping


Costs of CTRC Nursing/Medical Assistant support for Investigator Initiated Studies:

Each study's charges are based on an hourly rate - charge based on actual staff time involved in each encounter; Below are examples of some service charges:

  • Phebotomy only
  • Specimen collection/processing/shipping
  • Specimen shipping only
  • 12 hour Pharmacokinetic study with 8 blood draw timepoints: approximately 2 hours of nursing time

 Industry initiated study rates slightly higher with additional fees for space.


  • Please contact Audrey Kamrin, MSN, CTRC Nurse Manager, at x43239, email: Kamrin [at] when planning use of Nursing Inpatient, Scatterbed or Outpatient services.
  • Please Contact John Krall, Administrative Director - x51790, for cost of core services.